Token contract address on GnosisChain-Chain: 0x2bF2ba13735160624a0fEaE98f6aC8F70885eA61

Own a fraction.

Announcement (June, 2022):
Chain expansion from
GnosisChain to Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalance and BNB
is in the works!

Version 2 of that accounts for that will come soon - stay tuned!

Meanwhile: Check the NFT SALE to allocate liquidiy!

Trade it on Honeyswap.
Put it in a Liquidity Pool.
Store it in your collection.
Or stream it to someone.

I don't care ^^

Total Token Supply1

Project lauch status quo


In xDAI-LP for trading on Honeyswap


Hodl'd by whale - see strategy


In MIVA-LP on Honeyswap


Chain-Expansion Reserved

Who holds currently a fraction of the Token?

This gonna be a looooong list to scroll.
There are already +1200 holders currenty!
Here are the TOP 100.

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Wait, what?!


  • Total supply is 1 (one, un, una, eins, один, 之一, واحد, एक, א, ...).
    Means you can ever only own a fraction of the token.
  • Token doesn't have ANY real-life value/usecase. You heard it here first.
  • Initial value of 1 FRACTION on launch day was 2000$ in xDAI.
    All time high: 461025$ (on April 22th, 2021).
  • The price solely depends on buy:sale:liquidity-pool ratio on the Honeyswap DEX (xDai-Chain).
    There was no Airdrop, Airstream, ICO, IDO or any other crypto-acronym.
  • It's a native Supertoken - the second ever after MIVA.
    Of course you can send/receive it like every other token as well.
  • Recommended wallet to store it is the Minerva Wallet

Projects that expand FRACTION


Streaming Farm

by Minerva Wallet

Provide MIVA:FRACTION Liquidity on Honeyswap.

Place LP token in the farm and receive a MIVA stream (with up to 124% APY).


Symmetric DEX

by Symmetric

Symmetric is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) and the second Decentralized Exchange where FRACTION got whitelisted after Honeyswap.

Also recommended to check out

seliqui e.U. lab10 collective e.G. Minerva Wallet The ARTIS Blockchain Network Superfluid Symmetric

Not official partnerships.
But their infrastructure allows FRACTION to thrive!

More in Detail

Important Infos

  • Total supply - worldwide (sic!) - is 1.
  • You can ever only own a fraction of the token
    (unless you bribe every token holder and liquidiy pool provider with MASSIVE amounts of $yourPreferredCurrency).
  • Important:
    Token doesn't have ANY real-life value/usecase. You read it here the second time.
  • Initial value of 1 FRACTION = 2000$ in xDAI
    (by filling up the FRACTION:WXDAI Liquidity pool on a 0.5:1000 ratio [proof]).
  • Token is (currently) only avaliable to buy on the Honeyswap Decentralized Exchange (DEX).
  • Provided Liquidity Pools are FRACTION:WXDAI (0.5:1000), FRACTION:MIVA (0.125:1000) and (soon) FRACTION:xATS (0.125:TBD).
  • It's a native Supertoken (the second ever after MIVA!), meaning you can stream it via Superfluid.
  • Of course you can send/receive it like every other token as well.
  • The price solely depends on buy:sale:liquidity-pool ratio on Honeyswap. There was no Airdrop, Airstream, ICO, IDO or any other crypto-acronym.
    Important: Crypto Token prices can be highly volatile - especially tokens with a fairly small liquidity pool size. There might be pump&dumps - make sure you're aware of the risks. I'm not responsible for the outcome of your trading decisions. Don't blame the project or me for any losses that might occur. You woudn't give me some of your gains either, right? ;)
  • Token is on the xDai-Chain. That's why you'll need xDai, MIVA, xATS, (...) to get it.
  • Recommended wallet to store it is the Minerva Wallet
  • What will the whale do with his quarter?
    Hodl, maybe fill up future pairs' liquidity pools, maybe sell a 'fraction' of it someday *pun intended*
    Update: The whale account (=deployment account) holds at the beginning 0.25 of unmoved FRACTION. To make it more transparent when/what happens with that quarter and to ensure the whale doesn't dump, I've set up a stream via Superfluid to a separate 'Circulating'-Account. The stream has a flowrate of 0.25 FRACTION over 2 years (or 0.125/year, or 0.010416/month, or ... you'll get the idea). Everything streamed to 'Circulating' can be sold anytime to increase the FRACTION circulating supply. Here you can see the status of the stream.


The basic idea evolved from the state of having a pretty good idea of what a ‘classical fungible/tradeable cryptocurrency’ is and at the same time having no fuckin' idea how ‚NFT's (Non fungible tokens)‘ actually work.

To make the transition easier, there's the FRACTION token. It's a token with a total supply of only one.

No-one can ever own one full token - only ever a fraction of it. Since there‘s no Airdrop/Airstream, the value of the token is completely based on trading behaviour on the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) „Honeyswap“ on the xDai-Chain.

See it more like a „collectible you can trade like a currency“. It‘s not meant to have any real-life applications or usage as some kind of an utility token.

The inital liquidiy pair gives the FRACTION Token a value of 2000$ (in xDai - see Liquidity Pool). From there on everybody can buy/sell a fraction of the token on Honeyswap. To add liquidity to the pool or open up a new trading pair, holders also have to get FRACTION via Honeyswap which additionally contributes to the price dynamic of the token.

Also the price impact on swaps prevents getting huge chunks of the token and favors tiny fractions.

You can expect hardly any updates to the project once the liquidity pools (xDAI-FRACTION, MIVA-FRACTION) get established and listings are avaliable - so no need to stay updated, follow or revisit this site - tho you‘re welcome to do so whenever you like to check the current price, holders, last trades, etc ^^

Sounds fancy, I'm kinda interested. What should I do next?

If you already have xDai:

Easy! Hop on Honeyswap and get some fractions of the token! After that, you'll have to make a hard choice: Hodl it or put it back into the Liquidity pool. Simply hodl'ing it in your Minerva Wallet may seem like a safe bet, but consider this: If you put it back into a liquidity pool, not only you make it easier for someone else to get a FRACTION - you can also earn trading fees every time someone else either buys or sells the FRACTION token. Sounds familiar?

But there will be a point in time, when the token is already too fractioned that you won't be able to put a significant amount back into the liquidity pool to get a satisfying amount of those sweet sweeeeet trading fees. From there on it's just trading&hodl'ing, baby!

If you don't have xDAI (yet):

There are multiple ways to get xDAI!

  • You can buy xDai right within the Minerva Wallet with fiat money via it's integration - so check this out!
  • You can move DAI on Etherum via the Bridge (DAI on Ethreum in -> xDAI on xDaiChain out. Easy as that.)
  • If you hold other tokens on Ethereum currently, swap them on Uniswap to DAI and then move them via the Bridge to xDai. Actually that's a good exercise, because Honeyswap (on xDaiChain) is 1:1 the same as what's Uniswap (on Ethereum).
  • Also the Minerva Team created a very nice "How to get xDai" article. If you're still reading till here, you might want to head over there

If you're having problems on swapping and/or moving tokens on Uniswap/Honeyswap or the xDai-Bridge, feel free to NOT ask me for assistance. There are plenty of guides out there. You're smart, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
You can do it.
I believe in you.