Token contract address on xDai-Chain: 0x2bF2ba13735160624a0fEaE98f6aC8F70885eA61

Want some FRACTION,
but broke a.f.?

got you covered!



Fraction left in faucet: --

What, really?!

@__d10r expanded the FRACTION token project with the first streaming faucet!
That will split up the token even more and it can spread more wildly.

Just send 0 (zero) xDai to the faucet and it opens up a Superfluid stream of
0.000000000000000001 FRACTION per second - right into your xDai Wallet.

You probably won't get rich from it - actually, the stream would have to run for some years just to compensate the tx-Fees/Gas). But you'll join the "exclusive" club of FRACTION Token Holders ^^


  • 1 Send 0 xDai to 0x3Bb341cE4C7F16b0D516Db4314940694DEc24f0f
    (Don't have xDai yet?)
  • 2 Make sure the gas limit is at least 300000 - otherwise the transaction will fail.
    If you use Minerva Wallet on your Android Phone, it will calculate the correct amount of Gas automatically for you!
  • 3 Follow @__d10r, @MinervaWallet and/or @lab10collective on Twitter
    Actually optional, but would be a dick move to not do so.
  • 4 Optional:
    Connect to the Superfluid Dashboard, add FRACTION via "Add Custom Token" and watch the incoming stream live!
    You can even use Superfluid's share function to tell the world about it! Here's a example!

Faucet build, provided and filled up by
Didi from the lab10 collective.

Give him a shout out!

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