Token contract address on GnosisChain-Chain: 0x2bF2ba13735160624a0fEaE98f6aC8F70885eA61

Want some FRACTION,
but broke a.f.?

got you covered!



Fraction left in faucet: --

What, really?!

@0xd10r expanded the FRACTION token project with the first streaming faucet!
That will split up the token even more and it can spread more wildly.

Just send 0 (zero) xDai to the faucet and it opens up a Superfluid stream of
0.000000000000000001 FRACTION per second - right into your GnosisChain Wallet.

You probably won't get rich from it - actually, the stream would have to run for some years just to compensate the tx-Fees/Gas). But you'll join the "exclusive" club of FRACTION Token Holders ^^


Faucet build, provided and filled up by
Didi from the lab10 collective.

Give him a shout out!

Contract on Blockscout Verified via Sourcify